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Veterans' Growth podcast

Dec 17, 2020

In this special series of Podcasts, Nick from the Veterans' Growth Podcast team, a Veteran himself ,talks to both veterans and organisations that are there to help. Nick often asks the hard question and get the facts needed to help our veterans community.

In this episode Nick talks to Dr Sophie BOSTOCK from The Sleep Scientist who is a sleep evangelist.  Nick discusses with Sophie the importance of sleep and key facts that will make a significant difference to a person's sleep habits.

Sophie has appeared on national television, in multiple podcasts and also on national radio. She also works with numerous organisations to assist their staff in increased productivity through better sleep. She is engaging, enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable . 

This information is for everyone, veteran and non veteran alike, as the subject of sleep affects us all!

We pride ourselves that these interviews are not scripted and that Nick will always try and get the best and most helpful information for you.

If you are effected in anyway you can contact us through our website Veterans' Growth and we can provide assistance.

We will always say if there is a danger to LIFE Call 999 for assistance.


Dr Sophie BOSTOCK can be found through her website HERE


We are running a Project in 2021 which you can support Here